The kids have begun to leave

My kids are observant : ) They notice everything! If I’ve added a painting on the wall or taken it down. If I’ve changed the colour of my nails or am wearing lip gloss. If the dust layer on the side-table has been wiped or not!

So yesterday when I rearranged the family photographs, I smiled to myself in anticipation of the loud exclamatory (always exclamatory!) remarks they would make!

Yesterday came and went in a crazy succession of ‘to-do’s’. Morning arrived! I rushed them off to school, made myself a cup of chai and then sat me down to relish the stillness and serenity of the moment. That was when it occurred to me that the kids hadn’t said a thing about the ‘new’ photo-arrangement. They hadn’t noticed..and I now noticed that they hadn’t.

Yep, it’s only been two weeks since they’ve started school and their worlds have already expanded beyond my door. Their minds have raced forward to embrace new sights, new sounds.. new worlds : ) as well they must!

I found myself thinking with renewed urgency about the need for family times..times around meals, times taking walks, times around board (bored) games, times for outings that were primarily about us being a family. Mamma wanting to ‘lasso’ them hatchlings back! : )

You see, the kids have already begun to leave..and I do want them to want to hang out with me when we’re both older…which means that I must choose to hang out with them now, when I don’t always want to, caught up as we all are in the high-speed rough and tumble of life.







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