Life Assignment: Stand on the Road with Jug!

It was a stray sentence spoken at church last Sunday but it’s remained lodged in my mind ever since.

One guy’s life assignment was nothing more than to stand on the road holding a jug of water! The occasion was the last meal that Jesus would have with his twelve disciples. In preparation for it he sends two of the twelve out and tells them to follow a man who they’ll meet on the road holding a jug of water.

What were this man’s assignments prior to this moment? – nobody knows. Did he do anything exceptional post this encounter? – nobody knows! But this one act – standing on the road with a jug of water is what he’ll go down in history for! History told from God’s point of view that is!

So I’m in the middle of my morning jog, my mind working a bit slower than my legs and I’m pouting a bit over my life, when I’m reminded about what was shared this past Sunday.

Those of us who dream of making a big splash in our little ponds need this sober reminder – at the end of day, what may be noted down about us in the eternal records might simply be – “she stood on the road with jug” – and that ‘little- big’ one thing may be what satisfies God’s soul and ours.

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